Thursday, October 11, 2012

How to Ingest a Flipped Lesson: A Lesson for both Novices and Experts

ingest a flipped lesson from Falmouth Flipped on Vimeo.

If you are unsure what people mean by flipping a lesson this video, linked here, explains nicely.  We (your information technology cohort) have basically begun flipping professional development on this blog.  Previous posts by Anne McDonald, Peggy Becksvoort, and Cathy Potter have all been examples of flipped lessons.
Above is a video for novice users. The video teaches you how to ingest a flipped lesson including starting, stopping, and pausing video, using tabs, and working between windows and tabs.  This lesson would be good for any teacher grades K-12 who wants to be more comfortable using their laptop. If you consider yourself a novice user, don't worry - you are not alone! Our goal is to provide a lesson that you can take in at your convenience and at your own pace.
For experts more interested in flipping their classrooms most likely geared towards grades 7-12, here is a shared document on flipping the classroom.  This document will guide you through all the basics of flipping including screencasting with iPads, the basics of using white boards, and sharing video.

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