Sunday, October 21, 2012

YouTube Part 2 - How to Save, Edit, and Clean Up YouTube Videos

In this post (SEE VIDEO BELOW) I will show you how to make your YouTube Videos clean (without the comments or suggested videos). By cleaning them up you can post them on a website, send the link, or just show them in class without worrying about what students will see other than the video. I will also show you a few sites where you can download videos to show later and even do some editing.
In a future post I will show you how to do some further editing of YouTube videos and how students can make their own videos with titles, music, and editing features.
In my first post I showed how to set up your own YouTube channel via your school Gmail account so that you can save videos and create playlists. If you missed that post you may want to view that video first. If you click on YouTube under Labels to the right of this post it will take you there.

This LINK will take you to some of the resources I mention in the video below such as EmbedPlus, KeepVid, and SafeShare.

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